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Logistics Services

Our storage facility, which our company put into practice in 2018 investment decisions, became operational in June / 2018.

Target Consumption has started to ship products to all BİM regional warehouses by working with partners that it has been a supplier for many years and whose common denominator is BİM markets.

It aims to make a difference by producing fast, high quality and economical service with non-stop trucks in accordance with the demands of warehouses.

Logistics Activities

The products coming to our warehouse are entered into WMS with the help of hand terminals and the whole process proceeds under WMS control.

Incoming orders are collected via WMS, handled and sorted on the basis of regions.

According to the demands and characteristics of the destination region, it is made ready for shipment according to the lists prepared by the planning unit, taking into account the delivery day.

The products taken to the voyage with the fleet vehicles are followed by the vehicle supply unit until the delivery is completed.

As a result of the information coming from the vehicle supply unit, customer representatives report to the senders twice a day.

Shelf Area: 6.274 m2 – Number of Pallets 12.000
Bulk Product Stock Area: 4.306 m2 – Number of Pallets 3.451

Goods Receiving Area: 1.200 m2

Cross Dock Area: 1000 m2

Shipping area: 2220 m2

Closed Storage Area 15.000 m2 + Open area 9.000 m2 Total 24.000 m2 Facility

Software System

Warehouse Management System



  • Increasing the service quality with the project-specific storage facility

  • Providing the possibility of shipment without intermediate transportation

  • Eliminating logistics-oriented risks with full-fee product insurance

  • To eliminate the risks that may occur during transportation by not planning products that will harm each other



  • Accelerating product delivery at destination warehouses with sound planning

  • Ensuring return of waybill

  • Providing healthy and fast reporting until delivery to stakeholders with job-specific software



  • Saving on logistics costs with the scale created

  • To provide a sustainable, specialized service developed according to the demands of the buyer

  • Saving time in production with fast delivery performance and flexible loading times

  • Performing undamaged and fast operations on returns

  • To provide regular pallet collection without the requirement of filling vehicles in empty pallet returns.

Our Logistics Center in Numbers

Direct access to the warehouse

BİM and 2 FİLE

Truck shipment

Pcs Per Mount​

Number of employees


Number of equipments


Pallet Storage Capacity


Number of pallets shipped

Pcs Per Mount

Handled product volume

Volumetric Weight Per Month

Number of products handled

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